Hello, I'm Cindy, a UI/UX designer and illustrator from Amsterdam, living in Zurich. I strive to create concept-driven work, to tell stories that encourage curiosity, and to keep an open mind.


Studied graphic design at the art academy in the Netherlands. Subsequently worked for different design agencies, such as Edenspiekermann and Claessens Erdmann Design. Until her passion for mountaineering lead her to Switzerland, she pursued her career as an independent designer in Amsterdam. Loves to draw comics and is a passionate speed skater.

In the beginning of my career it was all about aesthetics and functionality, or simply making a bold statement. Now, in the ever growing labyrinth of information, it’s more about not getting lost. I like doing research, organizing information, and creating user journeys, tests, personas, wireframes, prototypes, visual designs, until a product makes sense. Simplexity is key.

Resume  summary
2020 Comic Homozapienz (published)
2018 Part Time External Graphic Designer, Cytosurge
2017 UI/UX Designer, Imnoo AG (currently, startup)
2017 Insta-Reporter for Impact Hub Zurich in September
2017 Hubonaut at Impact Hub Zurich
2016 Interaction designer, Raymann Design (6‑month project for SRG SSR)
2014 Responsive Web Design and HTML/CSS Course
2013 Studio at Kochstrasse, Zurich
2010 Change of residence from Amsterdam to Zurich
2009 Beginners’ Mountaineering Course
2007 Part Time Teacher Web Design, Mediacollege Amsterdam
2010 Freelance Graphic and UI Designer Amsterdam
2003 Graphic Designer, Claessens Erdmann, Amsterdam
2000 Graphic Designer, Edenspiekermann, Amsterdam
1998 Graphic Designer, De Weijer Design BNO, Baarn
1994 Art Academy, Groningen, B.A. 1997
1990 University of Applied Sciences Windesheim, Zwolle, B.Ed. 1994